Untamed Ondrej01

Als ware gladiatoren betreden Ondrej en Marek een Praags stadion. Voor de nieuwste editie van het Weense Vangardist Magazine schoot The W, met creative director Mirza Sprecakovic, deze rauwe modereportage. De kleding van de gladiatoren is van H&M, La Charme Rock & Other Stories, Nike, Diesel, Slick It Up, Gant, The Item en Calzedonia. De complete shoot vind je in Issue 43 van Vangardist.

with kind permission of Mirza Sprecakovic – Vangardist © 2014

8 gedachtes over “Untamed

      1. Well … since you asked, my Koos. My Grandmother died in Prague, while on holiday. To be exact, she died on the gangway on the way to the terminal. She turned to me (I was her chaperone … for some reason she had always wanted to see Prague, Vienna and Budapest) and said, “I think I’m going to faint, Mark.” And then she simply fell over backwards … dead. It was a massive stroke. Most of my time was spent dealing with the imbeciles at the American Embassy, getting her cremated and then bringing her home. However, I did see a fair amount of the city … much of it through tears, but it was lovely all the same.

        So … you share another chapter of my life !

      2. O My God. What an awful story. How old was she when she died? Prague is a bit of dramatic, but as dramatic as on your holiday, well, that’s too much.

      3. She wasn’t very old, Koos … but she really died happy. She pointed out the windows of the gangway to me and said, “See, that’s the Hradcany.” She was immensely excited, because for much of her life Americans couldn’t travel to Prague. So, to me, It felt like a good way to die. For me … well, I was only sixteen, so I grew up fast … and I realized that I had to do things well or get criticized by my Uncles, so I made a truly heroic effort.

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