Tokyo Hotel

Japan, the land of the rising sun. It’s a mysterious country. The language and the rituals are hard to understand. But the people are very kind, the food is very tasteful and the modern architecture seems to be progressive. It’s a country to which I’d like to travel once. Recently I read an article about Tokyo. The writer recommended the Claska Hotel for a stay in Tokyo. It’s a 15 room-hotel. The hotel’s bar and restaurant is decorated in 50’s style (photos above). The hotel rooms have each their own style. ‘Japanese Modern’-rooms are spacious and have a Japanese feel. The first two photos below give an impression of the largest room in this style. For a longer stay, the hotel recommends to sleep in the ‘Weekly Residence’ (the last three photos). The wall in that room is creative fun. By day, the wall is a large closet. By night, the wall is a lighting object. It gives the room a nice twist. More info

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